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The South Australian French Teachers' Association, inc. was founded in 1978 on 3rd February at Adelaide High School.

SAFTA provides opportunities for professional development, especially at its conferences. These will be held every two years, the next being in 2020. In the intervening years, we hold an Immersion Day for teachers. In 2019 this will be on Saturday 15 June. These events, and other activities of the association, are managed and organised by a volunteer committee, whose members are drawn from the various French teaching sectors in South Australia.


SAFTA's committee is made up of volunteers who devote much of their time to stimulate the teaching of French.

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Comité de la SAFTA de 2021

Président:  Catherine Skene

Vice-Président:  Marcia McLachlan

Secrétaire:  Anne-Marie Wilson

Trésorier:  Helen Atkinson


Laurence Autret,
Christine Capitaine,
Irene Castrechini-Sutton,
Monica Daju,
Sophie Gravier,
Christèle Maizonniaux,
Laureline Martin,
Alison McCall,
Gabriella Patti-Reid,
Yvette Pinto,
Jasmine Sotiroulis


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